Situational awareness in gaming

One of my identities is that I am a gamer. I like to play computer-games, of different kinds. The first one that I obsessed over a lot was Valhalla, a DIKU II MUD.
Wow, that was a memory lane (see process video). Anyway, the point was/is situational awareness in gaming. I just had a session of CS:GO. During that session, there was a ton of situations where I did bad. Where I rushed too fast, and did not aim well. Where I did not do a good job. Oh well.

Other games I have played is WoW – World of Warcraft. I did that a lot after it’s launch, and during the first and second expansions as well.

Today, I play two games mostly:

  1. CS:GO
  2. Eve Online

The two games are very different. But I work with awareness in both of them. Especially CS:GO (which will become CS2 this year) is good for me, for keeping me sharp. I guess I will still be playing a game like that in 25 years, just like I played the original Beta for Counter-Strike back in 1999 or 2000 – not sure which it was.

Anyway. The point is: Using games like this to sharpen my real-time senses, and my operational situational awareness. I use that in many other situations as well; some consciously and some on an unconscious level.


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