Tuning in / tuning out

It is the first week of 2024. A new year of reading, for me, but also – perhaps – a new year of writing. Writing blog entries here on DLTQ.org.

DLTQ – Don’t Lose the Question – has been around as my name for my online writing since 2002, when I was active at TIG in my spare time while living and working in Brussels, and later my wordpress blog at dltq.org since 2005 (Wayback machine).

It is now 24 years since I first blogged, on LiveJournal, which had then recently released. It was early 2000. I had just taken my first inter-continental trip – I visited Hong Kong for three weeks in January 2000 to visit my then gf. I was 21 years old, turning 22 in march, and I was eager to read, learn, connect, get involved. Tune in, so to speak.

Between 2000 and 2009, I wrote a lot of blog entries, and I also created a lot of videos during my years of vlog exploration (2004-2009). But in July 2009, my shift changed, and I started writing less.

I am quite binary in my engagement in things. I either tune in, or I tune out. I have been involved in many arenas over the years, and seen a lot of processes.

2023 became a year where I decided to visit the African continent for the first time, and I decided to go for Tanzania in east Africa. I went there in July 2023 for a month, and for a week in December 2023. This is connected both to a personal interest in understanding the African countries more (it will take a lot of time), as well as being a being more effective in my work as a volunteer at EWB Norway.

Ever since my voluntary work at Canal Africa, a local TV station for the African community in Copenhagen in Denmark in 2007-2009, I have had Africa somewhere in my consciousness. But it took some more years before I finally went in 2023.

It is now 2024. I work at an organization for engineers and technologists here in Norway. I am active in EWB. My son is now 13 years old. I live in central Oslo where my son stays with me during the weekdays and with his mother in the weekends.

Since 2020, I have had the goal of reading 50 books per year, and so far I have managed to do that 3 out of 4 years. I really have a tendency to read more and spend less time scrolling the social media.

There isn’t a central theme in this blog entry. I just basically wish to update a bit, and to hopefully get back into the habit of writing here. Even though I am much less interested in the whole publishing for the open internet than I was earlier. I guess I have changed since 2005.

Wishing you all a great 2024!

(Process video; 19min)

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