My ethos of blogging

Justin Hall (Wikipedia) was one of the earliest bloggers out there, and his way of writing inspired me a lot when I started blogging myself in 2000. Justin Hall wrote on, which also inspired me in my way of thinking – a collection of links (I later used a lot). This article has a pretty good overview of blogging after 1997.

Justin wrote about very personal, some would say private, stuff on his site. His ability to be vulnerable on the site was – to me – commendable.

Part of what I wanted to do in my own work was to show the process. That’s also why I was so keen on “screencasting” when that came about, and I was an early user of Camtasia as well as Snagit from Techsmith (I use snagit daily even today).

The “umlaut” video by Jon Udell was to me really inspiring.


  1. Process. My process. Or showing the behind the scene (which is also why I often post the process/screen recording of my writing these blog entries; it is not entertainment as such, but it might show something)
  2. Raw emotions. This is something that I have struggled with more in later years. It was easier for me – for instance – to cry in front of the camera in 2005.
  3. Sharing my part of the world with the world. I wanted to show where I was, to my network.

My ethos for moving forward may change, but these earlier principles are still there in my back-bone somewhere, and I can still remember the validity of them. The raw emotions part is problably the most difficult one, but I will work on it.

[Video of process; 13m28s / 113MB]

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