One of the exercises that I did a lot in earlier years was to:

  • Study the input
  • Predict my process, and go through the motions
  • Study the output

As I have written earlier, I started writing a journal at age 9. And early on, I started to look back in time, forward in time, and see the present moment as a fixation point between the two spheres.

Logging my input is key. Logging my process is key. Logging my output is key.

When I have artificial / computational systems that help me with my logging, I am several steps ahead.

Since November 2022, chatgpt has been the big mozilla on the generative AI block. But Bard from Google is shaping up now, and we will also have other solutions that give output based on input. Prompts. I see prompt engineering as something that will have a massive boost as a career in the next years.

In the near future, I will have solutions that help me study my input, predict/have variations of my process, help me get alternative motion paths, and help me study my output.

I will write about these solutions and my Process of using them on this blog.

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