I was at hone; I am now out again. My son and I had dinner together. I am going to my cery first CouchSurfing event. It is here in Oslo, my own city. Organized by an «ambassador» at CS in Oslo.

Earlier today I received the email that I have been selected to be the leader of a subject matter group at Engineers Without Borders here in Norway.

The subject matter group is «IT and Digitalization»; the members are different IT professionals from different sectors and with different backgrounds who are spending some of their valuable spare time to volunteer at EWB. I think about that; their time, energy, other commitments.

I am just starting out; I will get introduced to the other members. I will meet some of them – I guess – at the General Assembly of EWB Norway on Wednesday; in teo days. I will also think about how I want to act in this role. A coordinator. A servant for these five members. To serve; it sounds weak. But I think all leadership is about serving those you are «leading». To really figure out what they need to succeed. And how you can help them get that. It’s also about being a good «host». Hosting the meetings, hosting the structures and procesures. As a host you offer, you try to make things easier for the one(s) being hosted.

My first leadership role came in 1999, when I became head of the new «media outreach team» at the student culture house called «Kvarteret» in Bergen. I learned a lot through that process. In 2000 I became President of a European network of student unions from different countries; there were 34 universities in total in the network.

I am excited, but I am also aware. Aware of my own strengths and weaknesses.

I took this picture before.

I take this picture now, 18:10:

A new trajectory. Orbit.

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