Energy // Attention

One of the topics that interest me is “energy“. Another is “attention“. They are interlinked, of course, but they are also separate in my universe.

Image by DALL-E 2, based on prompt from the author. Prompt: “Painted glass depicting two people facing each other, a man and a woman. They are looking at each other.”


What do I give energy? Do I give energy to my worries, or my hope? Do I give my energy to bottomless holes, or do I give the energy to things that make a difference?

In my life, I seek to be conscious of my energy usage, and since my last depression/down-time, which lasted roughly from spring 2022 until April 2023, I have been more aware of this again. Do I give too much energy to my worry of the work of tomorrow? Or to friendships that are unbalanced? Do I give energy on hopeless ideals, or do I give energy to – well, yes, things that make a difference, to others or to me.


A topic that interests me is “attention management”. What I give attention throughout my day. Material things, pleasure, to give service, to explore, to enjoy, to sacrifice.

We all give attention to things throughout our waking lives. To many, it is family, work, taking care of the place they live, tending the garden, or other similar things, mundane or essential. To many, it is art, or travel, or constantly meeting new people. To some, it is to create. Sitting alone for months or years, many hours at the time, and creating; writing, or painting, or something else.

My future energy><attention management

As I have gained more energy again, I am more aware of what drains the energy. And also what fills the energy. I have consciously cut out some elements in my life, and focused on others. I hope that this process will lead to a better balance energy-wise moving forward, but also that I find ways to have more joy in the process. The joy of creation, for instance, is very real in my life.

Sunday, 16:29. Time to go out again.

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