Photo by: Raimond Klavins

I am not a mountain man. My grandfather was; the civil engineer who worked on an electric car in the 1960s and later worked on crane systems; travelled around the world and implemented cranes on harbours and ports across the continents. And climbed mountains.

I am not a mountain man, but I like the concept of conquering a summit; different summits. Collecting them, collecting experiences from them. Preparing for a summit, approaching the mountain, seeing the summit from a distance. Then as you get closer, the summit disappears from view. And between you and the summit there is a seemingly endless ascend, and then it goes steeper and steeper.

I am not a mountain man, but I like the concept of preparing for a summit, and then taking the plunge, the steps towards it, and to ascend, to climb, to finally; at the end of it, to be at the top.

I am not a mountain man, but I like to look at pictures of K2, the world’s second tallest mountain. And I like to imagine being one of the first to approach the top of this mountain.

I am something else than a mountain man, and my summits are of a different kind. And my summits are guided by my questions, the core questions. Sometimes my summits are very small and personal; getting over a depression, or working with my energy level in a constructive matter, or finding my path through things. Sometimes my summits are bigger, and I take on something – I glimpse a summit there in the distance, or I hear about it, and I want to go to it, climb it, conquer it. Be at the top of That summit, after having exhausted myself climbing.

Picture of K2 from the 1909 expedition – source

The summits of my inner universe are my own to categorize, map out, prepare for, approach, — and then to begin the climbing. Using my tools, my tool-set, the core questions and everything else I have.

The summits of my inner universe are there, and I am approaching a new one that I caught a glimpse of a few weeks ago. That one may morph and twist, yes, like all summits do. But it is there – I sense it. And I set my systems for it.

Like those other times, the other summits. Each one was one that I documented – for my own sake, nobody else really, although part of that documentation was shared, in this way or that, with others. Videos for 10 friends, or public blog entries or so, to be used by algos and evil spirits.

Summit. I enjoy catching a glimpse of a new one, sparkling in the light. This one may be taller than others, or smaller. It may turn out to be a huge disappointment. But then there are always other summits to look for, exchange energies with.

(And this video of a K2 climb is nice)

[Video of process; 37m37s / 369MB]