It is Friday.

A friday. A friday in a string of fridays, about 52 per year, about 520 per decade.

This Friday, May 31st 2024, is when I thought about blogging again, here on this olde website, which has been there like a rope around my neck for many years. Last month I almost let the domain name registration relapse; not renew it. Get rid of it.

But that’s the whole point, for me. Don’t Lose the Question(s). And here I am, on this Friday night, at 22:29 CEST, and I wonder: Did I lose some of my questions?

What drove me earlier, fueled my passions? And how is that compared to how things are now?

I remember March 2018 clearly. I decided, one evening, to “get involved”. I spent so much energy for the next months in 2018 that my wife’s patience grew incredibly thin. “You are never home”, she said. And she was right. I knew it.

Well, she moved on in 2020 and now lives with her new partner. That is fine, life does go on, nothing lasts forever.

My blogging period certainly did not last forever. My passion for blogging was HUGE in 2000, and then I got more busy with other things for a while, and then from 2004 it went all over. And in 2005 I started on wordpress.

19 years ago.

This evening I have not done enough reading. So I will read a few hours now.

(blogging, just one entry at the time, to try to get into the habit again)

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